Ben’s statistics

Name: Benjamin Marco Capelli
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Age: 34
Family background: Rich Italians own the Capelli hotels around the world
Relationship with family: I love my family, thats it really we get on great. 
Overall description: I have been told I’m tall dark and handsome. 
Height: 6ft 3 
Hair colour/style: my hair is wavy but i have it cut by a hair salon in manhattan to make it like this. The smart sophisticated cut.. they call it.
Eye colour: according to my ex girlfriend Icy blue. 
Wardrobe: all designer suits.
Mannerisms: I am well versed in good manners and polite conversation.
Educational background:  I passed a media degree with honors at Yale. 
Personality: I have been told I am laid back but can be vicious when crossed. I guess that sums me up although I like to think I am a nice man. 
Makes decisions based mostly on emotions or on logic? depends on who its about. work is usually logic related.
Cautious or daring? I have to be daring.. I cant help myself
Optimist or pessimist?  always optimisitic I wouldnt have got where I am being pessimistic
Extrovert or introvert?  Extrovert always
Gifts/talents: I’m a qualified pilot and I’m good at fencing. 
Shortcomings: insensitive
Style of speech: here 
Life philosophy: be careful whos feet your treading on you may have to kiss them later
Religious stance: catholic
Biggest vulnerability: I d rather not say. 
How does he/she see relationships? I need someone who can do as I say and I would spoil them. although it takes a special woman to settle me down.
Current relationship status: single
Sexual orientation: straight 
Past relationships: affair with the editior in cheif of vogue who might be pregnant with my child
Primary reason for being broken up with: im a bastard
Primary reason for breaking up: I dont tolerate bad behaviour
Story of first kiss: behind the church in the area of NYC I was born. I was 12 she was 14 she pinned me to the wall and then we kissed for a long time. 
Story of loss of virginity: My best friend was about to become  nun (please dont laugh) and I convinced her to sleep with me before she went to the convent. I pretended I was experienced and we both liked it.
Is he/she a social person? of course I’m a busy man 
How important are friends form him/her? very. you never know who you might need
Who are the most important friends?  my family and then some guys from little italy
Profession: Lifestyle editior obsesse-rp
Past occupations: freelance travel writer, managing editor of Vogue, managing editior for GQ entertaiment editior for esquire. model.
Attitude towards current job: love it. less tress then previous jobs and free reign to so my own thing.
Attitude towards current co-workers, bosses, employees: they all seem ok a few arrogant ones need to be taught manners but seems fine.
Salary:  a hell of a lot. but talk of money is vulgar.
Greatest fears/phobias: losing what I have
Life goals/dreams:  keeping what I have 
Compulsions/obsessions: exercise and buying cars 
Secret hobbies: bdsm
Secret skills: I’m amazing at bondage. 
What does he/she most want to change about his/her current life? I need someone who will be my beck and call girl
What does he/she most want to change about his/her appearance? nothing I’m perfect just the way I am thank you very much. 
Daily routine: shower at 7 at work for 9  with coffee waiting for me. work till noon  then lunch at a expensive restaurant. I never pay. back to the office for 2 then meetings till 5 pm when I hit the gym before events or dinners in the evening. 
Night owl or early bird? night owl
Light or heavy sleeper? heavy sleeper  although I dont snore
Favourite cuisine/food: um.. italian obviously 
Favourite type of book/author/book: anything by stephen king
Favourite type of movie/director/movie: scar face
Favourite musical style/artist/song: feels just like  lt should - jamiriquoi
Type of car he/she drives/wants to drive: at the moment I drive a aston martin vanquish
Lefty or righty?ambidextrous but main righty 
Favourite colour: gold
Smoker/drinker/drug user? depends on what mood I’m in. 

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